Musha Cay

On Water

There’s plenty to do on Musha… and plenty of beautiful places where you can do nothing at all.

For the nothingminded, try one of our 40 perfect beaches on any of our 11 private islands. The sand is fine as sugar and almost as white. Sit back and summon your favorite elixir from the beach bar. Save your energy for the day’s most important decision: a swim off your own private beach, or a swim in the beachside freshwater pool.

For the more active, explore the sea from our new jet boat, catamaran, sailboat, waverunner, windsurfer or Sea Doos. Explore undersea as well. The pristine coral reef is a haven for snorkelers and divers. And a rare confluence of tides makes Musha’s waters heaven for fishermen – even beginners. Our evolving fleet includes a brand new 37 foot Midnight express and a 28 foot amphibious catamaran - you can walk right off the boat onto the beach.

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