Musha Cay

Getting There

  • By Aircraft: Flight time is about an hour from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or Nassau to Georgetown Airport, Great Exuma. Then a 15 minute charter flight takes you direct to Copperfield Bay's private airstrip.

  • By Boat from Great Exuma: If guests prefer to arrive at Copperfield Bay by one of our watercraft options, our staff will arrange for transportation from the Georgetown airport to a dock on Great Exuma, for the boat transfer. Travel time is about 1 hour from Great Exuma to Copperfield Bay.

  • Copperfield Bay can accommodate yachts up to 200 ft. in length, with its protected anchorage facilities and excellent deep water docking.

  • Destination for private jets: Georgetown Airport on the island of Great Exuma has an 8000 ft. runway.

  • There are daily commercial non-stop flights from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Nassau to Georgetown GGT/Great Exuma Bahamas.
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